2011 meeting of the OHCPS

The first meeting of the Ohio Carnivorous Plant Society was held on Saturday, May 14, 2011 from Noon to 3pm at the Big Walnut Park Shelter House in Columbus. About a dozen members gathered to swap advice, trade plants, discuss Ohio’s carnivorous plants, and listen to a lecture on prey preference in aquatic carnivorous plants by Dr. Douglas Darnowski, Assistant Professor of Biology at Indiana University Southeast.

2011 OHCPS attendees

¬†Learning about Ohio’s native carnivorous plants is a primary objective of the OHCPS. To that end, we searched herbarium records at Youngstown State University (YUO), Kent State University (KE), and Ohio State University (OS). So far, we have located 280 herbarium records for carnivorous plants, the earliest of which was a Sarracenia purpurea collected on 10 July 1883 at Camden Lake in Lorain County. The distribution of these specimens closely follows the locations of extant bogs and fens. By far, the most commonly collected species in Ohio is Drosera rotundifolia.

PinguiculaTwo members brought their sales collection, including these beautiful Pinguicula. Additional photos can be found on our facebook page. Thanks to everyone who joined us for the inaugural meeting of the OHCPS!

After the meeting, we had planned to meet at the Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society Museum for transportation to the famous Cranberry Bog floating island. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t agreeable, so we had to call off the bog walk, which is to be rescheduled.

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